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view_module英国BMPA(British Promotional Merchandise Association)什么产品好卖?



To give you a feel for the sort of projects we undertake I’ve listed below a few examples in no particular order that we have completed for many of the EU’s top retail brands:

800,000 photo/sticker albums for Walkers Crisps

15,000 beach towels Planet Hollywood

66,000 beach towels Cadburys

65,000 radios cigarette pack shaped, Rothmans Royals

320,000 chiller sleeves for Carling Premier Lager 

30,000 compressed T-shirts, Coca-Cola vending promotion

28,000 moulded advertising dolls “alien theme” re-launch of K cider

50,000+ Xmas gift packs for Martell Brandy incl. own shape candles, hip flasks, drinking cups, stationery sets, cafetieres etc.

8,000,000 (8 million) plastic in-pack giveaways KP Skips

70,000 sports bags for Carling

44,000 sports bags Tennents lager

120,000 kids watches, Smiths Crisps, Holland

£1.2 million assorted merchandise, General Motors Europe

15,000 sports bags for Morgan’s Spice Rum

26,000 pieces assorted Xmas merchandise collection for Martell Brandy

64,000 chiller sleeves, Carlsberg

1,000,000 (1 million) teddy bears, Walkers Crisps to celebrate 50 years of UK crisp manufacture

148,000 mini AM radios, World Cup promotion, Carlsberg

22,000 mini desk clocks, on-pack with The Glenlivet whiskey

38,000 on-pack soccer games World Cup, Captain Morgan rum

17,000,000 (17 million) in-pack giveaway plastic items, KP SKIPS

8000 beach towels, Citroen cars

4000 bath towels for Nivea

22,000 disc radios for Martell Brandy

5000 beach towels Deutsche Post Germany

32,000 can shape radios Castle Lager S. Africa

40,000 st/steel drinks funnels JE Fells

5000 electronic pagers Vimto

5000 bath/beach towels Lincoln Travel

4000 electronic pagers Page One

6000 OEM rocket shaped st/steel cocktail shakers JE Fells

5000 coolbags Leaping Salmon

30,000 desk top puzzles

2500 Coke Euro soccer watches

6000 coolbags Medico

28,000 coolbags Stella Artois

8000 desk clocks for Stepstone

38,000 pens for Stepstone 

28,000 coolbags Stella Artois

35,000 st. steel mini hip flask funnels JE Fells

11,000 mini hip flasks JE Fells

10,000 mousemats StepStone

38,000 pens StepStone

14,000 pagers BT

15,000 rough guide to internet StepStone

5000 mousemats StepStone

150,000 baby mugs HM Government Dept. of Health

25,000 sound chip mini footballs "whassupp" for Budweiser

5000 ditto Budweiser Eire

13,500 sound chip "whassupp" bottle openers Budweiser

22,000 sound chip "whassupp" key fob +chain Budweiser

4500 bar trays in aluminium Budweiser

2000 pop up one piece tents for rock concerts & Budweiser

1500 beach towels Jack Daniels Bourbon 

3500 posters + full lenticular image change for Mac Tools

46,000 own design chrome plated key fobs for Gala Casinos

16,000 own design chrome plated cufflinks for Gala Casinos

15,000 bottles natural spring water for O2 mobile phones

6000 bottles natural spring water for Pfizer

5000 stainless steel vacuum flasks for Sadolin

18,000 stainless steel travel mugs for Nestle

5000 bottles natural spring water for Crixian

6000 bottles natural spring water for Abbotts Laboratories 

Multi product clothing sourcing assignment for BMW

5000 metal dice sets in an alu. mini gift box

55,000 wrist slappers relaunch Tia Maria

155,000 swizzle sticks relaunch Tia Maria


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