Sanyuanli Guangzhou Leather Market Wholesale Zone

Are you looking for Leather Market In Guangzhou?
Here we introduce to you TOP 5 leather wholesale market in China.For Example,Baiyun World Leather trading centre which is famouse for its' Good quality leather in Guangzhou.
But there are more wholesale market in guangzhou.The Top 5 leather wholesale market as below: The Top 5 Leather City are not far away from each other,
So we named the 5 leather city 'the Sanyuanli Market Guangzhou Wholesale Zone' which you can easy to remember...

Guangzhou Handbags Wholesale Market

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  • Mingshang Tiandi Leather Material Square(Mingshang Tiandi Leather Material Plaza)
  • Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre
  • China Australia Leather City(ZhongAo Leather City)
  • China-Hong Kong Leather Trade City(ZhongGang Leather Trade City)
  • XinXin Leather Trade Market(Emerging Leather Trade City)
If you are looking for high quality wholesale leather products or wholesale leather purses.Please go directly to the wholesale leather city we recommend to you.

Baiyun World Leather Trading Center

The Baiyun World Leatherware trade Center is located at 1356 Jiefang N Rd, Baiyun, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.
The convenient and close to center of close to Baiyun airport and Guangzhou Railway Station, it take a few minutes by walking.
A footbridge is directly connected with the center of the 2rd floor of the mall..

Baiyun World Leather Trading Center Baiyun Leather Market

Mingshang Tiandi Leather Market Guangzhou Map

The ziyuangang of guangdong leather is the world's leather industry's center which has developed more than 20 years ,
In order to solve the bottleneck of development.At present, ziyuangang leather own 17 leather products markets, there are more than 10,0000 purchasing agent resources,
there are many shop which is pass to the two or three generation in doing business.

Mingshang Tiandi Leather Market Guangzhou Map Mingshang Tiandi Leather Market Guangzhou

Zhong'ao Leather Mall Market

Zhong'ao Leather Market is close to baiyun leather market You can find the address on goolge as below Zhong'ao Leather Market In GuangZhou

Zhong'ao Leather Mall

Zhong Gang Leather Market

Zhong Gang Leather Market is close to baiyun leather market too.. You can find the address on goolge as below Zhonggang Leather Business And Trade Plaza

Xinxing Leather Market Guangzhou

Xinxing Leather Market is close to baiyun leather market too.. Xinxing Leather Market

Top 26 Leather Market On GuangZhou

  • Jia Hao International Leather market
  • Guangzhou City, Hong Sheng International Leather market
  • The city of Mao's leather goods market
  • Sheng billion Leather market
  • Tianyi Leather market
  • Tianhong Leather market
  • China Leather Trade market
  • Jinyi leather square
  • QianSe leather market
  • Sheng Hao leather hardware market
  • Shengjia leather trade market
  • Sweet scented osmanthus building Leather market
  • Metropolitan Leather market
  • Three hundred million leather market
  • The world of ANN
  • Bai Li Leather market
  • Million square of leather accessories market
  • Xin Dong Hao Trade market
  • China Australia Leather market
  • Yesun Leather market
  • Silver Leather Trade market
  • Million hair leather market
  • Ziyuangang comprehensive industrial products market
  • Zhuo lung leather trade market
  • New Department of luxury leather trade market
  • Hong Kong - Xiang Sheng International Leather market